Homeopathy Spondylosis Treatment


Dr. Ritesh Patil has a very wide experience for cervical spondylosis treatment. Ramnanda Homeopathic Clinic is well known spondylosis neck pain relief center offering very fast spondylosis cure. Spondylosis treatment at Ramnanda is very reliable and cost effective.

Cervical spondylosis is a disorder of the neck spine (extending form neck to the abdomen commonly called back bone). Where the vertebrae and the discs (cautions between the vertebrae) start degenerating. The degeneration in the bones and the disks occurs as a result of wear and tear as on ages. The disc looses their elasticity and become drier. This causes them to become more brittle. It is a condition involving changes to bones, discs, joints of the neck. Vertebrae are bones that join together to form the entire backbone in between vertebrae are cushion like structure called in vertebral discs. Age related wear and tear can cause the joint between vertebrae to degenerate it causes pain affected region (subsequent changes in the bones & soft tissues).

Recently spondylosis is increased in number of professionals who sit for hours together doing desk work or sitting for hours in front of the computers in one posture. Cervical spondylosis is a problem that affects almost half the adult population and most of the computer users. It affects the joint of the cervical spine. It is a normal process of wear and tear that is related to aging but has stuck earlier due to various reasons. Mainly related to modern life style. The normal degeneration process that works on every human being but the only thing is that this degenerative process has been hastened with prolonged use of computers & mobile phones. spondylosis results due abnormal wear of the cartilages bones of the neck with degeneration and mineral deposits in the cushion between the vertebrae. Neck pain stiffness, radiating pain to hands as well as numbness could arise due to destruction & inflammation there is some irritation in the nearby region, which leads to stiffness, restricted mobility, giddiness and numbness in the arms.

Mostly patients are prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants besides, physiotherapy exercise. But again the long term use of painkillers is adverse due to their known side effects. There is no treatment in allopathic system of medicine for cervical spondylosis. Traction is often provided as another short term measure. Wearing a collar is also recommended some patients gets short term relief from restricting movements. But again restricting the use of neck muscles and results in atrophy of the muscles. And at the entire end, system recommends surgery as the option, but it can’t be the way.

Homeopathy has a lot to offer in the treatment of spondylosis or neck pain. Without any traction, collor support or surgery. It not only relieves the spasm present in the neck, shoulder, head & arm but it is cured permanently. Even other symptoms of spondylosis are also cured. There is no need of taking painkillers or any prominent precautions.

Homeopathy has a very promising role in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. The long term results of homeopathy are very encouraging. Homeopathy treatment of spondylosis dependent upon an important factor i.e. amounts of degenerative changes that have taken place in the bones & the disk. In other words the extents of damage to your spine will determine the speed at which your problem gets cured & also to what extent you get cured. The results of homeopathy managing is dramatic compared to other system of medicines or surgical interventions.