Homeopathy Fissure Treatment


Anus is a muscular canal made of internal & external sphincter muscles. Its elasticity & ability to contract takes total control in controlling & evacuating the faces. Fissure in the anus is a linear cut wound which occurs mostly superficial and involves only the epidermis in the start but when left uncured or if it becomes chronic and becomes more painful. Passing stool is most effortless function of the body, but when this becomes difficult and painful exercise due to fissure. The crack in the skin exposes the muscle tissue causing severe pain and bleeding during and after bowel movements. The main symptoms are pain in the anal region during passing stool which accompanied by bleeding too. The other symptoms include hard stool, itching in the anus. When it comes to treating anal fistula the common first of treatment by conventional suggestion is to get treatment surgically. It has been seen commonly that patients who go in for surgery repost the recurrence of the problem sooner or later. Again to go for operation is not easy because of the costs involved as well as other logistic and emotional distress that one undergoes during surgery. It is quite sure then surgery is not at all permanent cure for anal fissure disease. A commonly hold belief is that the surgery is the only treatment for this disorder, but the reality is far away from this. It is better that one should treat the problem in a holistic manner so that once cured it doesn’t recur.

How to cure Fissure permanently? 

With Homeopathy one is able to avoid surgery. Homeopathy aims at curing anal fissures in the holistic manner. It improves the digestive system along a with curing the immediate symptoms of anal fissures. Homeopathy not only treats and cures the cause of anal fissure it is able to cure the chronic form of anal fissures too. Homeopathy medicines for anal fissures are able to eradicate the tendency for fissure. This means that recurrence of anal fissures is avoided permanently. This is why homeopathy is known for the best treatment of anal fissures. It completely eradicates the fissure as well as the tendency to form fissures without any adverse or side effects.

Dr. Ritesh Patil’s Ramnanda Homeopathy clinic is very effective in Homeopathy fissure treatment and curing fissures. In fact homeopathy unlike other systems of medicine doesn’t concentrate on just healing the spot, but recover a whole disease caused things i.e. it strengthens the affected part with more blood supply, heals the wound in better way. Abort the tendency to constipation. Homeopathy treatment is the best way to root out the disease and cure fissure without any side effect without surgery. Improves digestive system along with curing the immediate symptoms of anal fissures.